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Ashcroft is a friendly town located in the Central Interior of British Columbia, one hour west of Kamloops and approximately 3 hours northeast of Vancouver, The Thompson River and several tributaries flow through the area on their way to the Fraser River. Despite this abundance of water, Ashcroft enjoys an arid climate; hot and dry in the long summer season and dry and moderate in the winter. Annual precipitation is between 5-7 inches. Ashcroft’s citizens have long liked to boast of its healthy climate…its sunny warmth and a dry air climate that does wonders for rheumatism, arthritis and lumbago. In the valley and surrounding benchlands, the natural vegetation runs to bunchgrass, sagebrush and flowering cactus, although residents maintain that anything will grow in Ashcroft if it is watered. Large, lush alfalfa fields and thriving market gardens in the area bear out this statement.

Ashcroft is within reach of excellent fishing and boating lakes that draw many visitors each year. Although the area may look barren at first glance, it is easy to develop an appreciation for the broad expanse of sky floating over an ever-changing palette of color in the hills. Subtle shades of gold, green, brown, blue and purple cloth the folds of the landscape, varying with the time of day and season.

With a current population of approximately 2,000, you will find all the amenities that larger centers provide; Public facilities include a hospital, doctor’s offices, dentist and pharmacy, to name a few. The provincial ambulance service operates two ambulances for an area that also includes Cache Creek. Homemakers and home nursing services round out the provision of full medical services.

There is one major financial institution, two real estate companies, three lawyers, one local newspaper, grocery stores, hotel, motel, barber, beauty salons, drug store, library, numerous quality restaurant’s, a spectacular museum, seven church organizations, and a detachment of the R.C.M.P. In addition to the Village of Ashcroft, many branches of the B.C. Government are represented here. There is one elementary school, a modern high school, and a government funded Learning Centre, which also provides up to date technology in learning, in conjunction with the Thompson Rivers University.

For your recreation, Ashcroft features a leisure size swimming pool, a challenging 9-hole golf course (in Cache Creek), a community arena featuring skating, hockey and curling. Countless lakes renowned as a paradise for sport-fishing enthusiasts are only a mere stones throw away. Casting rod in hand, its sportsmen head to inland lakes and rivers, enticed by the rich stores of steelhead and trout commonly found here.

The area is full of interesting hiking trails, horseback riding and is known to be the river rafting capital of B.C. All in surroundings unmatched elsewhere on earth for it’s natural beauty, clean air and clear water.

Ashcroft is a pleasant place to live and do business, dedicated to the concept of providing an environment that encourages business activity but at the same time maintaining the attractive way of life of a small rural, friendly community.

Ashcroft, bounded by mountains on either side, and blessed with abundant natural resources and breathtaking scenery, presents a unique refuge from the social and economic problems of today’s world….We Welcome You!