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Loon Lake

Nestled in a serene valley setting between BC’s Bonaparte Plateau to the northwest and the Arrowstone hills of the Thompson Plateau to the southeast, Loon Lake offers a variety of landscape and wildlife for outdoor adventures and wilderness retreats. This 14 km long lake is 1 km wide and ranked one of the top ten naturally stocked fishing lakes in North America.

Loon Lake offers an outdoor experience for the entire family, especially for fishing enthusiasts and weekend retreats. The lake is a family oriented area with resorts approved by the BC Accommodations Guide and offers lodging for almost every budget. There are plenty of activities to enjoy on or near the lake; ask the locals for details or directions for sightseeing, hiking, rock hounding and more.

Bald eagles are abundant in the area and have been known to grab an unwary fisherman’s catch! Deer grace the lake and river shores at dawn and dusk; a drive up the valley is sure to reward you with a glimpse of the local wildlife.
For a winter get-away, some of the resorts are open year round and road access is maintained for the permanent residents. Bundle up and enjoy a hot cocoa after a fun filled day in this winter wonderland. Spend an exhilarating day snowmobiling, snow shoeing and tobogganing or relax over your ice fishing hole until sunset.

Escape to tranquility of this remarkable valley and explore the pristine wilderness that envelopes this Gold Country gem. Clear blue skies are reflected in sparkling blue waters as you become one with nature.